All about us

What We Do

Project Heart is a not for profit medical research and development organization whose sole mission is to cure CHD. We are creating a path to fund and advance the research needed to grow a healthy new heart so CHD patients can live the full lives they deserve.
The need for funding is now. Because the research and the science are happening now. Your support is crucial to powering the research that can make sure no one dies from CHD in 20 years.
The sooner you start giving, the sooner people will stop dying from CHD.

Why It Matters

Life is precious. And we believe anyone born with CHD deserves a full and healthy life. One spent outside of the hospital, free from physical limitations. Currently, 1 in every 10 children with CHD die before reaching adulthood. Though there are some treatment options available, surgery is not a cure. We can defeat CHD, but we need you. Join hands — and hearts — with us.

Our Founders’ Story

Tyler and Erica Thayer founded Project Heart shortly after their first child, Calvin, was born with Tricuspid Atresia and Transposition of the Great Arteries. Together they lived much of the first six months of Calvin’s life in a hospital. During this time, their eyes were opened to an entire world they never knew existed. They saw first-hand how CHD wreaks havoc on the lives of hundreds of thousands of families. They witnessed many children, including their own son, heroically endure multiple invasive surgeries and recover, but also several children tragically lose their lives. They discovered there is so much we don’t know about CHD and that it receives so little funding. Their experiences during this time motivated them to call for a change—thus, Project Heart was born.

Our Team

Tyler Thayer

President & C0-Founder

Erica Thayer

Vice President & Co-Founder

Sydney McFall

Public Relations Coordinator

Karrah Keaton

Brand Marketing Associate

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